Upcoming events


San Jose, California

Intel® Innovation 2023: The Future of Technology is Here

Where the technical ecosystem gathers to learn about advances in cutting-edge technology.


How to build honest apps with confidential computing.

Come and see how to develop honest apps that enable confidential data collaboration with Klave

London, UK

Building The Cloud You Need, Together.

Together with OVHcloud, discussing cloud solutions as a strategy for driving innovation and business change.

London, UK

Trustless Meetup on CBDCs. Exploring the privacy concerns around CBDCs.

Talking about our first-hand experience working with two G20 Central Banks to bring trustless tech to the forefront, balancing state control and individual privacy rights.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

CRU Ferroalloys Europe.

Presenting SoftMetal, an auction-exchange platform we've built that leverages PETs to solve traditional exchange confidentiality and regulatory challenges.


Lille, France

FIC International Cybersecurity Forum.

We are tackling the theme of "In Cloud We Trust?" and showcasing how we remove the trust barrier as a consideration when migrating to the cloud. We protect sensitive data from exposure and threats.