What is Secretarium ?

Secretarium is an integrity and confidentiality crypto-platform

Confidential computing platform image

Distributed Confidential computing platform

Relying on trusted execution environments and powered by secure multi-party computing, Secretarium has been designed to run applications on encrypted data in a trustable, distributed, scalable and efficient way, with no possible data leakage or manipulation, and no single point of failure.

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Hosting Distributed Confidential Applications

Distributed Confidential Applications (DCApps) are smart contracts systems with cryptographic proof of integrity. End-users can grant access to subsets of their private data to DCApps, and DCApps can request access to user's data for pre-defined specific processing.

What does Secretarium provide ?

Total confidentiality: nobody sees the data, including Secretarium

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Protects intellectual property and commercial rights

Secretarium guarantees privacy by default and by design: users always keep control of their data. Secretarium uses end-to-end encryption: data uploaded to Secretarium remains the property of its originators and no one can access it in clear-text. DCApps intellectual property remains the property of the DCApp writer.

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Offers easy integration to your processes

Every Secretarium node is coupled with a web server. Secretarium connection protocol integrates easily into recent browsers and tablets. Secretarium is real-time and has the capacity of pushing data to end-users. Secretarium is designed for speed: we achieve finality of execution within a split second, simplifying integration in an unparalleled way for a Blockchain.

How does Secretarium scale ?

Secretarium commoditises privacy at scale for application editors

Facilitates confidential computing at scale

The throughput and latency of a confidential computing system should be compatible with real-life scenarios. We believe in a system that can grow organically in the same way the internet did.

Why Secretarium ?

A platform built for data privacy, ownership and control

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Restore the right to privacy for people and companies

Consent, privacy by design and by default, are our DNA. We believe people and companies should have the option of using a technology that enforces their privacy.

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Prevent scavenging and monetization of private data

The internet was intended for driving collaboration, but the balance between data originators and data aggregators has been heavily tilted toward the latter. Our goal is to achieve the same level of service automation without disclosing of private data.

Who is Secretarium for ?

Secretarium enables impartial and trustful exchanges between distrusting parties. Shared services are distributed and controlled multilaterally, preventing any single party from pulling the plug.

Our story and vision

From technology, pharma, banking, cryptography, and restoring privacy for all

Our story

Secretarium founders are engineers who have worked for many years in challenging environments.
In 2014, they volunteered to create a blockchain lab for a tier-one European bank. The numerous prototypes and studies resulting from this experience evidenced the unsuitability of blockchains and DLTs when faced with confidentiality, performance and user experience constraints.
Early 2016, they started experiments in trusted execution environments and pivoted into confidential computing. At the end of 2016, recognizing the much wider applicability of confidential computing, Secretarium was founded.
Working closely with clients, we have designed and improved our technology from real business cases. Starting with Fintech, we are now actively extending our application base to Pharma and Bio-medical, with the goal of powering privacy-respecting medical progress.

Our vision and philosophy

Secretarium seeks to restore the right to privacy for people and companies.
Our short term objectives are located in the Pharmatech, RegTech and InsurTech sectors, where we provide the infrastructure rails for secrets intermediation.
We envision Secretarium as the safe harbour for private data. Our goal is to simplify the setup and integration of privacy-respecting applications. We are building an open ecosystem where anyone can create, host, control and monetise applications powered by our technology.
We have issued a legally enforceable charter where we commit to preventing any usage of our technology facilitating illegal practices.

How does Secretarium work ?

Secretarium leverages cryptography and trusted execution environments

Confidentiality out of the box

We designed a secure connection protocol to guarantee to end-users the integrity of the remote nodes. Our crypto-platform is designed to facilitate the development of the business logic inside distributed confidential applications, so you don’t have to deal with all the complexity.

Peer-to-peer network

We set-up multiple trusted nodes to communicate with one another over an encrypted peer to peer network, without a single point of failure. Using a protocol inspired by the military aviation that we call "identification friend-or-foe", we guarantee the integrity of the network at all times.

Secure hardware

To avoid security vs performance trade-offs, we use trusted execution environments. Encrypted enclaves on secure hardware provide privacy and integrity, even to an attacker with physical access to the machine and operating system.

Secretive insight

Build insight on data, without disclosing the data

secret processing image

Secret processing

Some parties have proprietary algorithms, other parties have confidential data-banks. Secret processing involves combining both while guaranteeing secrecy. Designed for data analytics, it can be used for genomic diagnostic, either by individuals, or by medical firm over the DNA bank of another firm. When secured with Differential Privacy techniques, it is perfectly adapted for data rental, a new way of monetizing confidential data.

secret mixing image

Secret mixing

Allows a group to pool private data together and collectively achieve insight. Designed for data pooling and data matching, it can be used to compute market data benchmarks, detect fraudulent insurance claims, compare reference data. Other usages involve enforcement of statistical secrecy, like the pricing of insurance policies on real data. Finally, it is a solution to the voting problem, Secretarium being able to enforce voting secrecy, voting protocol and a guaranteed honest outcome.

Our sponsors and partners

Reputable partners are helping us growing

Intel Corporation

Intel supports Secretarium with sponsored hardware, early access, support with engineers, infrastructure and sales teams.


Swisscom supports Secretarium with engineers, business developers, infrastructure. Our partnership includes a comprehensive joined go-to-market agreement, as well as a mutually approach to engage with large institutions.

Société Générale

Société Générale UK hosts Secretarium in its London incubator “the Greenhouse”. This partnership grants us access to Société Générale's business leaders, influencers and specialists.

Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy UK hosts Secretarium in its London incubator “FUSE”. This partnership grants us access to A&O's lawyers and clients to co-design new Legaltech initiatives.