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Securely unlocking data's full potential through a trustless ecosystem.

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We go beyond providing digital trust, into provability

A Next-Gen solutionist ecosystem committed to reshaping data processing, through full encryption and code is law smart contracts. Enabling data holders to create powerful, meaningful intelligence to solve the world's most complex challenges.

Explore untapped potential

Data is one of the world's most valuable assets.
Unlock its full potential with Secretarium.


Secure your data

Protect your sensitive data with full encryption and tamper-proof databases. Overcoming business and regulatory constraints to provide endless opportunities.


Manage your data

Using our technology, networks of people and organisations can collaborate worry-free, while keeping their data safely protected.

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Monetise your data

Use a privacy-first data commoditisation strategy to generate revenue streams from sensitive and commercial data without data transfer or disclosure.

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Business solutions

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Home to trustless apps built on the platform. Discover apps that redefine data ownership for the web



Unlocking new business opportunities and reducing automation costs through provably secure data collaboration



Personal data storage and digital identity built into an online wallet



Storage for encrypted documents, always keeping data owners in control



Integrity and privacy engineering made easy.
Bringing open innovation to developers through an easy-to-use network, to build and deploy trustless apps.

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Case studies

Built with Secretarium



Powering the future of Central Bank Digital Currencies with Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) that balance individual privacy rights with the need for state control and the obligation of surveillance to fight financial crime.



A powerful auction-exchange platform that allows multi-element metals to be bought and sold via completely transparent and secure trading. Enabling the liquidity of complex ferroalloys and leveraging PETs to solve the confidentiality and regulatory challenges that classic exchange platforms face.



A secure, large scale multi-party transaction data pooling tool for financial institutions. Detecting money laundering patterns with AI on networks topologies in support of fighting financial crime.



A powerful data quality and benchmarking reconciliation engine. Securely and collaboratively reconciling client reference data since 2018. In use by leading international banking organisations, with over five million records benchmarked.



A real-time KYC, AML and fraud data collaboration solution for the financial services industry. Based on fully anonymous subscriptions and notifications, Semaphore allows the banks to detect anomalies and investigate suspicious behaviours.



A quick and easy contact tracing and exposure notification system that keeps identities private and locations anonymous. By linking exposure, test results, and a request for context, Moai allows privacy-preserving AI to better understand virus transmission.


A privacy-preserving online wallet for genomic data coupled with a ground-breaking RNA-based, AI-driven diagnostic screening for cardiovascular diseases.

What makes us unique

Our technology is trustless and privacy-preserving.

Next-Gen distributed ledger technology

Secretarium's Secure-Enclave Distributed Ledger Technology is powered by a Proof-of-Processor consensus mechanism built upon Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) capabilities. This mechanism ensures instant finality and processes orders of magnitude quicker than other consensus mechanisms, while always protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data in memory.

Honest by design

Providing transparency and verifiability at all levels. Remote attestation ensures the code runs in a secure enclave on a fully updated system, with the highest level of security. Apps deployed follow the 'code is law' principle, ensuring that the app's identity, integrity, code and transactions output can be cryptographically checked.

Privacy first

Leveraging confidential computing which lies at the intersection of privacy, cryptography, security and secure hardware to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data.

Data protected in use

Using hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) that prevent unauthorised access or modification of apps and data while in use.

Data protected at rest

Providing tamper-proof ledgers that are fully encrypted by default and leverage on Merkle tries protection to safeguard data at rest.

Data protected in transit

Our connection protocol uses multi-layered Transport Layer Security (TLS) to guarantee a secure and inspection-resistant connection to the TEE.

Recent news

Waterfall in Changi Airport in Singapore

Secretarium announced by the MAS as part of winning solution for their global CBDC challenge

Secretarium announced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as part of winning solution for their global CBDC challenge. We’re thrilled that our privacy-preserving smart contract technology has been leveraged in a solution that won the global CBDC challenge organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

IQ Capitals office

One step closer to democratising data protection with investment from IQ Capital

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been backed in our seed funding round by transformative deep tech investors IQ Capital. We have been proudly providing our Secure-enclave Distributed Ledger Technology to our customers. We’re confident it has the potential to transform how data is handled around the world, and the time has now come to make it accessible to the masses.

Secretarium team receiving the Innovation Award for banking reference data applications

Innovation Award wins for banking reference data applications

Our KYC and AML apps enable secure peer-peer data collaboration. The DANIE group has been using our technology since 2019 to improve data quality. It allows them to securely and anonymously identify data outliers by comparing reference data, without having to reveal it.

Multiple parcels on multi-leveled conveyor belts

Implementing performant scalable solutions in confidential computing

Confidential computing (also known as Trusted Execution Environments or SGX enclaves) is a means to calculate secret information while maintaining confidence that malicious software installed on that machine cannot see or amend those calculations.

An illustration of the Moai app open on a phone

An introduction to the Moai app

Privacy preserving epidemic monitoring solutions Moai’s easy-to-use solutions allow health authorities around the world to work together to stop the spread of diseases such as COVID-19.

DNA genetic sequence

Privacy and confidentiality of genetic information: from genetic privacy to open consent

Genome sequencing technology has advanced at a rapid pace. It is expected to keep going down dramatically with a $100 whole genome sequencing (WGS) expected in 3-5 years. The benefits of this genomics revolution are potentially enormous, and the biomedical community has certainly remarkably high hopes for such data. That race to harvest the potential of genomics will usher a new era for genetic engineering and genetic screening. Those new threats require new principles, new regulations, and therefore new systems to protect our right to privacy while allowing research to be carried out and enable new precision medicine treatments to be developed.


A-Team Innovation Awards 2022Winner of the Privacy-preserving Data Pooling TechSprint
A-Team Innovation Awards 2021Winner of the Global CBDC Challenge
A-Team Innovation Awards
  • Most innovative financial data security solution
  • Most innovative use of distributed ledger technology
  • Most innovative data privacy by design
  • Highly commended solution for front office/trading
  • Most innovative buy-side trading workflow / STP

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