How does our secure cloud work?

Secretarium leverages cryptography and trusted execution environments

Our unique combination of encrypted hardware and software provides the highest levels of data protection available.

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Impenetrable data storage

Developed with Intel SGX inside a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Proof of Processor guaranteed by Intel Attestation Service.


Fastest data distribution

BFT-RAFT consensus algorithm guarantees consensus between nodes on the network by automatically nominating an elected leader in case of disagreement.


Unparalleled ledger integrity

Merkle arithmetic maintains data integrity by using hashed files to consolidate data quickly.

Privacy preserving

Chaumian blind signatures provide authentication without revealing any private data.

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On chain processing

Highly complex business logic can be processed via smart contracts inside the enclave at silicone speed.

Smart Chip


Applies code-is-law principle in ciphertext to guarantee processing rules are being followed.


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